• You must be age 13 or older in order to go onto the site, as wikia applies to COPPA.
  • Please do not post any copyrighted material.
  • Please refrain from posting reasonably offensive content.
  • Please don't change somebody else's user page.
  • Please don't change or delete somebody else's talk page comments.
  • Please do not harass other users.
  • Please don't add, change or delete content without a good reason. Provide the reason in the edit summary.
  • No adding false or unreleased information.
  • When posting content or a thread, make sure what you are saying relates to the topic of that particular page or forum.
  • Please only post information about a problem you currently have.
  • Please maintain a neutral point of view.
  • Please do not make any test edits unless at the founder asks you to do so. The founder will be doing test edits because he needs to make sure everything works properly.
  • No posting empty links nor links to websites with inappropriate content.
  • All of wikia's ToU apply on the wiki.
  • If you are an administrator, please give somebody a warning if they violate a policy. If they do it again, then block the person for 24 hours and provide the reason, "under suspicion of (indicate the violation)". Set it to prevent account creation and block the IP address that the violator was editing from. After blocking them, please contact the founder on his message wall so he can review what happened, determine whether or not there was a violation, and make the final decision on the length of the block. Please do not alter or remove any blocks that were made in accordance to the policy. Lastly, if you make too many blocks on users who did not violate a policy, you will lose your administration privileges. The founder reserves the right to block or unblock anybody. He also reserves the right to add or subtract a user group from any user. Please do not unblock a user who he blocked, and please don't block a user who he unblocked unless that user violated a policy after being unblocked.  
If you disagree with a rule or want to propose an additional rule, please post on the talk page.
Failure to abide by policies on this Wikia will result in a block after a warning. If you are an administrator, that will also result in loosing your administration privileges.

Please report all violations here.